About us

My name is Gionata Venesio and I’m a people who live of passions, curiosity and emotions. Always looking for new things and those things that actually correspond to me.
Two are the fixed points, family and champagne. All the rest is, work, study, travel and training to be always at the top of the situation.
Around to these hinges revolve my life and innumerable activities carried out with satisfaction so far.
Sommelier, trainer, publicist journalist, event planner, expert juré, restaurateur, wellness operator and something else that I’m forgetting, as I often forget to sleep! Sure is that despite innumerable interests, everything is always yarn around to awesome world of the champagne, trying to interact the elements to search of the perfection.
It’s now 16 years old that champagne has became part of my life, by now, and I’m reasonably convinced that it is part of me.
I love tiresome work of the grape harvest did in the wine press, I love breathe the crisp air at the sunrise of the fresh morning into the vineyards and I get excite all the times that of a winegrower friend, taste the lightning in the glass, apotheosis of the perfection, the antidepressant for excellence!

Maison Petit Perlage means drink Champagne in a luxurious apartment, surrounded by Monferrato nature!!

Live moments of the absolutely relax in maximum comfort between suggestive panorama and sparkling champagne served thanks to Maison Petit Perlage stocked champagnerie.

Reachable by helicopter thanks to the private landing strip into the propriety or from the most important airport or station with limousine service firmed Maison Petit Perlage, this charm inn offers three comfortable rooms themed furnished from interior designer, illustrator Tiziano Boglio

Maison Petit Perlage is situated in Piedmont a stone’s throw from Casale Monferrato, Vercelli e Alessandria. In just under an hour you can reach Torino, Alba or Genova with its sea. We are between the Monferrato hills, land of good food, excellent wines and breathtaking views. Medieval castles, rural houses and the Sacro Monte di Crea (UNESCO World Heritage) are some of the many interesting places which the area offers.

Monferrato is a spellbound place where the nature reigns supreme and the hospitality is at home, to go on foot, by e-bike or on horseback, the countless itineraries available, including vineyards, rivers and places of historical interest. Lost villages where local traditions and history come together to create a unique and evocative atmosphere.

Champagne is our big passion…

… the driving force that led to the Maison birth…

…where you can savour over 40 selected Champagne labels enjoying the view from the lounge terrace!

What our guests say about Maison…